Recruiter (Work From Home / Remote Recruiting)

Recruiter JobsOmaha, Nebraska2 months ago

E. B. Putnam & Company is an Executive Search Firm that unites best in class talent with exceptional employers all across America. We provide award winning results through specialization, collaboration, hard work, and adherence to recruiting industry Best Practices.

We are seeking successful permanent-placement Recruiters for a Work-From-Home, full desk recruiting opportunity. We offer a proven support system, an industry leading commission based compensation plan; as well as merit based, Restricted Deferred Profit Sharing. As an augment to the traditional recruiting efforts of our team, we also offer candidate lead-generation support via our in-house career platform at


Recruiters who are a great fit for our company's culture and goals share our approach to the recruiting business:

· We stay on the phone more often than not - usually double to triple the time of average recruiters. 

· We always know our numbers and ratios. 

· We consistently network to connect with new people and are always looking to hone our marketing and recruiting skills.


· We view this business as a process - not as a series of events. 

· We plan each day and have an MPC to market and a Top Search on which to recruit. 

· We leverage our experience and expertise to successfully influence outcomes. 

· We invest the requisite time, including evenings and weekends, to become experts of our respective markets. 

· We are a relationship-centered executive search firm at our core, and our professional relationships and reputation are important contributing factors in the achievement of both our near-term and long-term organizational goals. 

· We earn the respect of both our clients and candidates, by staying true to our Company Values and by adhering to recruiting industry Best Practices. 

· We focus on the right activities and discipline ourselves to do these things day-in and day-out. 

All else being equal, we have found that those who are self motivated, service minded, and possess a positive "never give up" attitude tend to have the greatest chance for success and longevity in this business. 

If after reading the above you feel like your experience and winning mindset are a great fit with our company, you are invited to click on "Apply" and email us your resume, personal production numbers and ratios over the past three years, the industry or vertical in which you specialize, your recruiting geographic-footprint, as well as any other helpful information. Confidentiality is assured.

This job post is ACTIVE through June 30, 2021.